miércoles, 29 de agosto de 2012

De GIRO con Giada

El Domingo me fui con Giada a Dalston para ver "tiendas de Caridad" unos de los sitios preferidos de mi amiga para encontrar auténticos chollos vintage ...Fue un día muy divertido , espero repetir! pero mejor que nos lo cuente la propia Giada... (Es en inglés pero en lo alto del blog seleccionas idioma y te lo traduce, aunque tampoco viene mal un poco de practica jaja ).

Today me and Sara went to Dalston , which is the coolest part of town.

There are so many interesting shops and bars.

I took Sara to some of my favourite spots for shopping..first of all Traid between Dalston and Stoke Newington, this a charity shop (charity shops are very common here in england and they are very popular with young people cause they are very cheap and you can always find something so UNCOOL that is actually cool!it works that people instead of throwing their old unwanted stuff away they take it to a charity shop, and the shop sells it to make a profit that goes to charity....a very clever way to recycle and make money for various causes) that has very good and selected vintage pieces...we had fun trying stuff on .

After that, while walking on kingsland road we walked passed one of those afro hair shops and i decided sara had to see how cool these places are....she ended up buying earrings for really cheap..there you can find a lot of cheap products for hair and body....and thousands of wigs.

Walking down KIngsland road we hit another charity shop, a famous one...Oxfam!

In this shop you can find cool stuff but you really have to go through every single thing before finding something nice...the prices are super low and very convenient...mostly if you are into books!

Finally my favourite charity shop....St. Vincent' you can find really good bargains, mostly in furniture...very good stuff for your house and antiques at low cost!

We did not stop people in the street but we took some sneaky pictures of cool guys and girls around dalston. 

We got hungry and in need of a pint so we stopped at Dalston Social for a beer and free pizza, yesss you heard right when you get a beer they give some nice free pizza with it, i thought it's such a great idea.

We then ended up having another beer at Dalston roof park which is a fun roof terrace for sunny days.

Super fun day and full of inspiration....

Thank you Sara for inviting me in your blog...i hope to tell you more soon



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  2. Me gusto mucho Saraaa! y pa la proxima apoyo la idea de Merceee! a todo alcalfor! jejejejeje.
    Un besazooo! Arandanin ;*

  3. Uy Mer te borre el comentario sin querer!!! Pero ponte guapa guapa que la cámara va a explotar mañana

  4. Bueno tu no sabes que hacer para que nos aprendamos ingles !!!!! A ver si lo consigo .... Estas guapísima !! Bssss

  5. Después de esta entrada en inglés creo que ya estoy preparada para ir a visitarte..jaja ;P. Qué vestidos!!!!Me puedo imaginar lo bien que os lo pasasteis probándolos...:)) bss

  6. no entendi nadaaaaa!!!tienes q reestructurar la pagina y poner un traductor xxx

  7. Que guay la
    Entrada!! No conozco ese lugar... Pero lo apuntare co o próxima visita en mi cuaderno de bitácora!! Besines!